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Welcome to Topsecuritas Security Solution Services

Built with the vision to bring new-tech security solutions to new-age India, Topsecuritas is the fastest-growing security solutions company in India. At Topsecuritas, we are committed to bringing ESAS(Electronic security as a service) to India. Our global command centre ensures 24*7 security of your assets and the quickest response among agencies pan-India.

Started by a team of techies coupled with veteran Ex-Army men, we have brought the security solutions, the new India needs.

Be it Tech-enabled Guard services, Fire Detection & Suppression Systems, Public Address & Voice Evacuation Systems, Surveillance Systems, Access Control Devices, Intrusion Alarms, 24hr Central Monitoring Station, and Building Automation Systems,

We bring to you customised solutions your premises needs.

Topsecuritas is the fastest growing security services provider in India. 

The Best Security Solutions for Your Business

Security is essential for any business and if you own a large company that has a lot of competitors, you will need to protect crucial information. There are various security solution providers that you can find in different areas or countries, but not all of them can provide the best service. This is why we at TopSecuritas Security services are built in with a unique vision and look to bring the best security solutions to modern India.

TopSecuritas is easily one of the fastest-growing security solutions firms in India. We provide the best security solutions to clients in Mumbai and around the country. We are considered one of the best security solutions companies in India and we provide various types of security services to any kind of company or industry.

What Are We Committed to Bring to India?

We are one of the fastest growing security services in India and we are looking to bring ESAS (Electronic security as a service) to India. We have a global command center that ensures 24×7 securities of your assets and also provides you with quick response among agencies pan-India. If you want the best security services for your business, contact our team at TopSecuritas Service solutions.

How Did We Start Our Security Solutions?

We started with a team of technicians along with veteran ex-army officials, with their help; we began the security solution company that India needs. It can be tech-enabled guard security service company, suppression systems, voice evacuation systems, address evacuation systems, surveillance systems. Intrusion alarms or 24hr central monitoring systems, we are experts in all of them,

We are considered one of the top security solutions companies in India as we can bring all the customized solutions that you and your premise needs.

Services We Provide

Being one of the best security service companies in India, we offer clients with a variety of services such as:

  • Manned guarding services

With our specialized ManTech Security Solutions, we can help deliver first-rate security services to your commercial or residential business premises. You can take advantage of our advanced security solutions to safeguard valuable assets in your property.

  • Electronic security solutions

We can provide you with the best access control systems, CCTVs and intrusion detection systems. We provide clients with advanced security services and ensure that all their needs are fulfilled.

  • Business solutions

We can provide you with inventory management, visitor management, integrated security solutions and fleet management services. If you want to acquire the best security solutions for your business and require the best security tools, you can contact our security solutions today.

Training and skill development practice

The leading companies of the world look to invest in our security solutions to improve their current training and skills. Many corporations look forward to us to acquire the best security guard companies, officers in the area who can help safeguard their financial assets. If you are one of those companies, consult our team at TopSecuritas Security services today.

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