Executive Protection Officer or VIP Protection Service

Close Protection Officer is highly skilled security officer who is deployed to protect top management, celebrities, politicians, high profile people and threatened individuals. We have trained paramilitary officers and Ex-NSG commandos (based on availability) who work as close protection officer to protect VIPs from any threat. We have served many celebrities and politicians by proving highly professional executive protection service in Mumbai.

Celebrity Bodyguard Service

Mumbai is home to Bollywood, which is one of the largest center of film production in the world. Mumbai is also hub of hindi television industry. Many celebrities stay in Mumbai and Globe Security is one of the prominent name when it comes to Celebrity Protection Service in Mumbai. We have been providing personal bodyguard service to many celebrities on regular basis.

Primary job of celebrity bouncer is safety and protection of celebrity in a large gathering. Our bodyguards for celebrity are specially trained for crowd control and management. Keeping the celebrity at a safe distance and handling any untoward incident is their primary concern. Our bodyguard work in shifts and travel along with the celebrity. Our bodyguard travels throughout India as per the schedule of the celebrity and out of India as per the requirement.

Apart from providing personal bodyguard to celebrities, we provide bodyguard and bouncers for various events where celebrities are invited as guest. It is not uncommon to witness celebrity presence in many events throughout the year. Globe Security can plan and execute any size event at short notice.

Bodyguard Cum Driver Service

Our bodyguard can double up as driver, as they are trained drivers, thereby enabling you to hire a driver who can also protect you. Our bodyguard cum driver service in Mumbai enables client to avoid hiring multiple person and as a result save on cost. Our Bodyguard cum Driver can drive automatic and high end cars by following all rules and regulation. They are well dressed, groomed and mannered. Our Bodyguard cum Driver service in Mumbai can be hired for a day or on monthly basis depending upon your requirement.

Security Marshal Service

A Security marshal is responsible for patrolling the area and ensuring no untoward incident occurs in the premises. Role of Security Marshal is patrolling the whole campus for normal functioning, track any suspicious activity and if anyone is found to be acting in dangerous or abnormal manner then warn the person and evict them from the location. We provide Security Marshal in Mumbai with or without bike for patrolling the complex, campus or a factory.